Brand Science & Engagement:

WEbRx effectively evaluates the competitive landscape of any therapy area by literature mining and researching on the different aspects using SEO – be it novelty of mechanism of action, pipeline products, revenue and profit margins, strengths and weaknesses of the product, adverse reactions, patent- protection and so on. We understand the importance of conducting a thorough assessment of the market to successfully evaluate the different parameters responsible for success and viability of a product in the market. Our strength lies in execution of in-depth analysis of customer needs, market situation, epidemiology and demographic studies, technological advances and shortcomings of competitor products in the market and determination of the potential and credibility of the project in every stage of its lifecycle, from a pipeline idea to the market.

Promotional Effectiveness Analysis:

Commercial effectiveness and viability are the first and foremost features which determine the fate of a brand in the market. Promotional campaigns are crucial in establishing brand equity and maintaining steady market shares. Though one ensures there are no loopholes before launching a promotional campaign, there are chances of shortcomings which may hamper the efficacy and productivity of the promotional campaign. WEbRx can always be entrusted with execution of a comprehensive analysis of such promotional campaigns and immaculately strategize steps to come up with a holistic, all-inclusive approach to maximize outputs from promotional campaigns and ensure commercial viability of a product.