Speaker Bureau Services


The opportunity to influence the KOLs is missed if a Thought Leader fails to address the practice challenges faced by KOLs. In the contemporary era of medical education, every segment of the audience needs a tailored message which ideally surrounds your organisation's core messages. But the critical task of effectively delivering those messages requires the right speaker selection.

At WEbRx, we are capable of offering:

  • 2000 ++ International Speakers across different tiers
  • Create pre-program inclusive environment
  • Develop relevant and impactful content for education and accreditation
  • Deliver enduring materials and cascading education
Speaker Bureau Services -WEbRx


WEbRx maintains a strong leadership position in Physician and specialist support function, engagement in the large and growing global market.

OUR partnership
  • Largest International Speaker consortium
  • Hundreds of Medical Institutes affiliates
  • Accreditation System International Associations Partnership
Fully-integrated health care ecosystem
Proprietary Programs
Global Practice Adaptation

Real-All Presence -WEbRx
Real-All Presence:

Real all Presence -WEbRx

Technology and digitization hold the potential to revolutionized healthcare and medical science in the best possible ways. At WEbRx our efforts are always aimed at utilizing this potential to the fullest and enhancing performance outputs. We leverage our clientele’s efforts by connecting and broadcasting our medical education programs to remote locations through our proprietary Real All Presence technology, which makes possible to attend the program despite not being physically present at the main locations. This form of virtual attendance ensures that no information goes unnoticed due to geographical or physical barriers

Interactive Web Portal:

Accessibility and transparency are our top priorities when it comes to client engagement and satisfaction. We offer interactive web portals which help our clients gain access to our services and use maximize their commitments towards customer satisfaction. Live assistance in our portals ensure answers to every query raised by the client, helping us deliver to the best of our abilities.

Interactive Web Portal -WEbRx