Real-All Presence:

Real all Presence -WEbRx

Technology and digitization hold the potential to revolutionized healthcare and medical science in the best possible ways. At WEbRx our efforts are always aimed at utilizing this potential to the fullest and enhancing performance outputs. We leverage our clientele’s efforts by connecting and broadcasting our medical education programs to remote locations through our proprietary Real All Presence technology, which makes possible to attend the program despite not being physically present at the main locations. This form of virtual attendance ensures that no information goes unnoticed due to geographical or physical barriers

Real-All Presence -WEbRx

Mobile Application Development:

Modern day technology is always at the tip of our fingers and WEbRx makes sure that this is maintained even in our services. For every innovative, technological solution we develop, out technical team is equipped to develop corresponding mobile applications to help bring technology closer to humankind. We would not be exaggerating to state that numerous mobile applications have been the brain-children of our developers and this has greatly helped us remain a favorite among one and all who have availed our service.

Interactive Web Portal:

Accessibility and transparency are our top priorities when it comes to client engagement and satisfaction. We offer interactive web portals which help our clients gain access to our services and use maximize their commitments towards customer satisfaction. Live assistance in our portals ensure answers to every query raised by the client, helping us deliver to the best of our abilities.

Interactive Web Portal -WEbRx

Patient Reported Outcome:

WEbRx goes one step ahead when it comes to ensuring customer satisfaction and client efficacy. While physician reported outcomes areimportant in assessing a patient’s condition, patient reported outcomes provide first-hand data to help correlate with the efficiency of the treatment regimen. A simple feedback from patients undergoing treatment for a particular condition can help assess further prognosis and plan future treatment routine. This data is exchanged with our assigned physicians and healthcare professionals confidentially, to ensure ethical compliance. The physicians in turn develop guidelines and routines to ensure improved patient outcomes.

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