Dynamix ™

DYNAMIX™ is a Global Physician Engagement System which allows us to break the otherwise conventional and logistically complex physician engagement meetings to a more convenient, on-demand, Global Practice Exchange meeting platform and create continuous touchpoints through your defined KOLs and our Global Thought Leaders.

Three Parts:
  1. Onsite Meeting and Speaker Program
  2. Focus Group Discussion ( FGD)
  3. Global PEER Connection™ (GPC)

A. Onsite Meeting and Speaker Program

Development At WEbRx, we are pioneered in personalising Medical Education and we have segmented physicians based on their “KNOWLEDGE LIFECYCLE. According to client objectives, we develop program structure, presentations, case studies and allow collaborative review on fast tract using our DYNAMIX Platform.

Execution and Project Management:

WebRx is a leading professional medical education and consulting organization spanning the USA, EU, GCC and the emerging East. We are globally engaged through our key Thought Leaders Network and closely associated with various stake holders of healthcare practice. We adhere to the highest academic standards to conduct professional and personalized medical education and training programs.

We are a full service med-ed and consulting company. We partner with clients from conceptualisation to execution to creating touchpoints and insights. Since inception we have executed programs for (infographic approach) 20000 ++ Physicians, Nurses and Pharmacists In 19 Countries Partnering with 75 global academic institutes Over 21 therapeutic area.

Outcome Measures: Our all programs are well planned, all our efforts are thoroughly researched and documented. We creates mile stone execution process and KPI to measure impact of each meeting and how it adds value to daily clinical practice.

Proceeding: All educational engagement is very strategic and objective driven. So our content and enduring materials. We provide multiple touch points from single program and ensure continuous engagemnt continuum and in clinic communication.

B. Focus Group Discussion (FGD)

Dynamic Shift: Dependency of physicians on medical information from the pharmaceutical industry is diminishing as

  • Access to digital recourses
  • Availability of Large Meetings
  • Accessibility of global experts


Most of the conventional meetings are lecture driven which does not fits to all audience. Also, repetition of educational content makes physician engagement less effective.

We have proprietary approach to personalise medical education and get the right content to the right audience at right time.


At WEbRx, we pioneer in personalizing Medical Education and we have segmented physicians based on their “KNOWLEDGE LIFECYCLE”

C. Global PEER Connection™ (GPC)

At WEbRx, we believe in evolving digital trend and use our recourses to keep up with the increasing demand to create a collaborative platform which allows EOL, KOL and National KOLs to connect with Global Thought Leaders.

GPC helps in:

  • Faster Collaboration
  • On-Demand GLOCAL Engagement
  • Reduced Cost
  • Enhance Scientific Adaptation
  • Support Compliance